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On the eve of Double Ninth, the Emperor (Chow Yun-fat) and his second son Prince Jai (Jay Chou) return from their military campaign to Nanjing, so they can celebrate the holiday with their family. The Empress has been in an affair with her stepson, Crown Prince Wan (Liu Ye), who was born of the Emperor’s first wife. Crown Prince Wan, meanwhile, is planning to reject the throne so he can run away with his secret lover, Jiang Chan (Li Man), the daughter of the Imperial Doctor. Prince Jai worries about his mother’s persistent illness, and is confused by her sudden interest in golden flowers. In response, the Empress reveals that the Emperor has been poisoning her tea and that she is planning on overthrowing him. Prince Jai agrees to lead the rebellion.

The Empress hires a mysterious woman to discover which substance she is being poisoned with, but Crown Prince Wan later captures the woman and takes her to the Emperor. The woman turns out to be Jiang Shi (Chen Jin), the Imperial Doctor’s wife, who was the Emperor’s first wife whom he imprisoned and believed dead. She carries the brand on her cheek from her time of incarceration. The Emperor decides to release her and to promote the Imperial Doctor to governor of Suzhou. As the Imperial Doctor’s household rests at an inn on the way to Suzhou Jiang Chan tells Crown Prince Wan, who has come to meet her secretly, that the Empress has woven 10,000 scarves with golden flower sigils. Crown Prince Wan returns to the palace, followed by Jiang Chan, and confronts the Empress, and when she admits to planning a rebellion, he is anguished, and stabs himself with a knife, but survives.

In the inn the Imperial Doctor’s family is betrayed and attacked at night by the Emperor’s assassins. Jiang She, the only survivor, escapes and travels to the imperial palace, where she demands the Emperor for answers. When he remains silent, the Empress reveals that Jiang Shi was the Emperor’s first wife, meaning that Jiang Chan and Crown Prince Wan are half-siblings. Jiang Chan screams upon hearing this, and flees from the palace, where she and her mother are promptly cut down by more assassins. Suddenly, the youngest son, Prince Yu, stabs and kills Crown Prince Wan with a sword, and summons a group of his own soldiers to kill the Emperor and seize the throne. He reveals that he knows about the Emperor’s poisoning of the Empress, and of the Empress’s affair with Crown Prince Wan, and of the coup. Since the rest of the family is morally unfit, the throne should be his. However, more of the assassins descend from the ceiling and easily kill Prince Yu’s soldiers. The Empress leaves the room as the Emperor whips Prince Yu to death with his belt.

Meanwhile, the outer square of the palace is stormed by 10,000 soldiers wearing golden armor and golden flower sigils, with Prince Jai in the lead. They overpower the assassins and advance into the inner square of the palace, trampling the bed of golden flowers arranged for the ceremony. However, thousands of silver armored soldiers appear, being the reserve army of the Emperor, bearing shields or bows-and-arrows, and slaughter the golden soldiers to the last man. Prince Jai rises from the sea of bodies and is taken captive. Behind him, the courtyard is cleaned with mechanical efficiency by a legion of servants, with bodies being removed, floors being scrubbed and laid with carpets, and pots of yellow flowers being replaced, making it seem as if the entire rebellion never happened. At midnight, the Festival of Chrysanthemums begins as scheduled. At the table, the Emperor expresses disappointment with Prince Jai, saying that he was already planning to give Prince Jai the throne. He offers to pardon Prince Jai if he cooperates with his mother’s poisoning. Prince Jai refuses and kills himself. Another cup of poisoned tea is offered to the Empress, but she slaps it away, and the liquid is shown to corrode the table’s wood, and the golden flower image engraved in the wood. This is a reference to the Chinese proverb jinyuqiwai baixuqizhong (金玉其外败絮其中) which means All that glitters is not gold. (Literally: “Gold and jade outside, withered cotton inside”).

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Curse of the Golden Flower 720p HD Free Download

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Curse of the Golden Flower 720p HD Free Download

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